The mission of the OISEE project is to make the world a better place by sharing the inspiration that comes from great food.

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  • OISEE website released


Purpose of OISEE Project

The purpose of the project is to make it simple for anyone to expand their delicious food into the whole world by using block chain technology. Even if the recipe or food is owned by only one restaurant, they can spread the world class food and culture around the world.



The system we are going to construct is:

Food Culture Supplier


SOM (Shop Operations Management)

All the necessary required system when you want to open a restaurant would be provided by the block chain. This provides stable infrastructure which enables you to operate the business without iniquity of operation by stores or dispersion of supplied food.


SCC (Smart Coupon Creator)

OISEE Token holders contribute to attract customers with the system in which coupons are issued to the holders and those holders can use the coupons as well as spread the coupons around.


CRM (Customer Response Management)

Customers can send supporting messages towards brands, stores and staffs. If restaurants are receiving the messages a lot, then they are thriving. If not, then they need to be improved. This CRM will help you to understand customers’ needs instantly and let the stores and suppliers adjust to the needs in time.


Food market size in the world (processed food and food-service industry)

Source: Composed and extracted from "Promoting Japanese foods and food culture abroad" (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, September 2014)
Notes: “Asia including China and India” refers to the total of China, Hong Kong, Korea, India and ASEAN countries. *The market size noted above does not include Japan.

Expansion of Japanese Food Overseas (Transition of numbers of Japanese food restaurants)

Source: "The number of Japanese restaurants in foreign countries" (Composed and extracted from the website of Food Cultures and Market Development Division, Food Industry Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.)


  • 2018 October

    Smart Coupon Creator V1 (SCC 1)

  • 2019 March

    Smart Coupon Creator V2 (SCC 2)

  • 2020 June

    Shop Operations Management (SOM)
    Customer Response Management (CRM)

The first step is from Japan to the world. In the future,
this system will make the food from regions other than Japan spread around the world.